Friday, October 31, 2014

Best Puppy Training Classes - How to house Train a Puppy?

    Do Puppy Training classes work?

Yes, Puppy Training works!  You do not need a shock collar, I have ever ever used one and have trained hundreds of dogs.  The pet store classes are sometimes not taught by knowledgeable people, so I would suggest you google the name of your city or the nearest larger one & then dog training club.  Dog training clubs are cheaper as they are not for profits, they usually have their own building so you don't have to train on a postage stamp size area in the middle of a store and their instructors are the people who compete in obedience & agility & know what they are doing.  You can also ask your vet as many have a list.  You can hire a private trainer to come to your home, but that is pretty expensive.

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